Dekkers van Gerwen C2C printing

Endless value for people and the environment


To develop a product line that is completely good in all respects. That was the starting point for Infinite Paper Products. Good for nature through the use of the right materials and responsible use of water and energy, good for people because of the fair conditions under which products are produced and good for our customers, who will ultimately be able to make a new step in the field of their corporate social responsibility entrepreneurship.

Dekkers van Gerwen introduced with their Infinite Paper Products the first concept for printed matter being Cradle to Cradle Certified in Benelux! The Infinite Paper Products is rewarded with the C2C Silver Certificate. 

Infinite Paper Products is the translation of the Cradle to Cradle principles to a Dekkers van Gerwen product. The product includes paper, adhesives and inks. The energy required for the production process all originates from renewable energy sources. Following  the Cradle to Cradle vision, they do not only feel responsible for the end product, they try to infinitely recycle the nutrients of their products as nutrients in biological cycles. All this in order to provide the best possible materials for human health and the environment.

Dekkers van Gerwen strives to improve their services through continuously innovating their products. The Infinite Paper Products is a good example of this. The products can be used for instance for brochures, catalogs and annual - or sustainability reports.