Cradle to Cradle with Excluton

Excluton in the Netherlands has been aware of the growing need for environmentally friendly masonry and road paving products in Europe. The ExcluNatura Basic paver product line is the first Cradle to Cradle Certified(TM) Silver concrete paver in Europe.


ExcluNatura Basic is a range of concrete pavers in several colors (black, grey, and red) that are used in the building and infrastructure sector as pavement. The products don’t deteriorate during use and can be recycled into new products. ExcluNatura Basic is assessed as a technical nutrient that is safe to enter biological systems. The products can be reused various times, and at the end of the final use phase, concrete pavers are often used as a foundation material for roads. Really unique is the ExcluNatura with the Pure Olivine top layer which captures more CO2 than there is emitted during its manufacturing.


Excluton uses pre-consumer recycled material (ground residual concrete) as input for production of ExcluNatura Basic. This material is collected, then broken down and delivered back to the Excluton factory as a granulate that is usable as product input.


Excluton B.V. is one of the leading manufacturers of concrete paving products in the Netherlands. It employs 170 FTAs, manufactures over 1,000 products in the main production facility at Druten (near Arnhem), and is operational in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Excluton is innovative and a leader in sustainability: it is the first European manufacturer of Cradle to Cradle Certified(TM) Silver concrete pavers, the company is a patent holder of CO2-reducing pavers that use olivine in the top layer, and various certificates have been awarded for its environmentally friendly products and production methods.