The "Think®" chair has been certified by MBDC as a Cradle to Cradle™ Silver product.

According to the Steelcase website, "In developing the Think® chair, we considered where it comes from, how it is made, and what it will be when it's no longer a chair." Steelcase's goal was for the Think® task chair to be highly recyclable and safe for human and environmental health. Steelcase engaged MBDC for assessing and selecting materials as the chair was being designed.

Steelcase also engaged the Institute for Product Development in Denmark to conduct a complete Life Cycle Assessment to evaluate a range of environmental impacts related to materials extraction through production, shipping, use and end-of-life. The results of the Life Cycle Assessment are reported in the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which shows the chair's impact on problems such as global warming, smog, resource depletion and waste.

Steelcase has reported the following environmental facts about the Think® chair:

  • Up to 99% recyclable by weight
  • Disassembly for recycling takes about five minutes using common hand tools (e.g. hammer, screwdriver). Disassembly instructions are available for download and customers are invited to participate in the recovery, reuse and recycling of used furniture through the Steelcase Environmental Partnership.
  • Up to 44% recycled content
  • Holds the NF Environnement Label in France for environmental quality
  • Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified

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